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A Name Just For “You” – Children’s Book by: Sean Mauricette, a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL


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What’s in a name? From multi-award winning motivational speaker, actor and entertainer Sean Mauricette comes this delightful book celebrating the joy of finding the perfect name for baby. Based on the author’s own journey as a first time father, follow Sean and his wife Nadine in their tireless quest to name their unborn son. Soulful, vibrant and colourful illustrations drawn by Quentin VerCetty, dance across the pages, breathing life into Sean’s heartfelt poem. A Name Just For “You” is interactive, allowing parents to incorporate their baby’s name in the story. A beautiful way to teach your little one the value of their name.

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…Only One Me – Anti-Bullying Poem – by: Sean Mauricette, a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL

Sean Mauricette, a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL was asked to deliver an anti bullying presentation at a middle school in Toronto. At 2:30 am Subliminal woke up in the middle of the night and created a poem for his presentation entitled, ‘Only One Me’. The main message in the poem is to encourage youth to embrace what it is that makes them unique and appreciate it, while touching on issues of anxiety, depression and other feelings our youth may be faced with when being bullied. Special thanks to the students at Bliss Carmen Middle School in Toronto for helping to make this poem possible.



What If There Were No Black People? – by: Sean Mauricette, a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL

While on my way to a radio station in Manchester (PEACE 90.1 FM), hosted by Stevie4real, I was asked to create a piece focused on life without black people. Because it was black history month and I was touring my motivational program L.I.F.T. (Laying Important Foundations Together) from city to city he thought it made sense to get my take on this thought provoking issue…here’s what I came up with while riding the bus at 6 am.


September 11th Wave of Events – an interpretive sound painting by Sean Mauricette, a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL

In 2002 I was asked by a producer for CBC radio (the largest National radio station in Canada) to create a 2 minute sound piece, depicting what the events of September 11th sounded like to me. After sketching out some ideas for the piece, I collected my sounds (colors), grabbed my computer mouse (paint brush) and began editing/arranging the sounds on the screen (canvas). The end result was a piece called ‘WAVE OF EVENTS’, generated off one particular sketch that outlined the pulse of the event from beginning to end to future. The heartbeat and breathing are meant to become the emotional guide for the listener, while the ticking in the background is the second hand of a clock, that i feel is like a metronome to our lives…believing that our lives are like musical pieces. I could write more but i would prefer that you the listener interpret it for yourself. I hope you enjoy this piece.
To quote my friend Aaron Paysley..”I never knew you could say so much, without saying anything at all.”


Blurring The Lines Of Racism– an interpretive sound painting by Sean Mauricette,a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL

In 2005 CBC radio Toronto, asked  me to create an interpretive sound painting that focused on racism.  As part of the city’s “Ending Racism” week, I sketched out/designed what the sound scape would sound like…here’s what I came up with.