L.I.F.T. Workshops

These workshops are important to our youth by helping to provide them with the tools necessary to make better and more well informed decisions while exploring the various themes and principals through something tangible such as art.  By getting participants to think outside the box and opening themselves up to various ways of expression, students will learn that there is more than one way to approach issues/topics in life.  People learn in various ways and this interdisciplinary, multi-media and multi-faceted selection of workshops highlights and speaks to that point. Here is a list and brief description of the SUBLIMINAL Vibe workshop options. Please email for pricing.


In this workshop participants will explore what skills they have (both hard and soft) that can be transferred from one area of their life and reapplied to another.  The ultimate goal is the ability to create opportunities that can benefit you either personally, when seeking employment or all of the above. Subliminal will share his personal journey in various fields while highlighting the various ways he transferred skills from one arena to another, with a special emphasis on fields that appear to have nothing to do with one another but whose skills can still be transferred.


The goal of this talk is to get students to understand that change can start as a small ripple and have a tidal wave of effects.  Personal legacy is explored while analyzing what it takes to be a leader, speak out and commit to positive change in your community which can have long lasting effects throughout the world.  Subliminal will share personal experiences explaining how he chose to be socially responsible in the fields of architecture, hip hop, film production and other forms of media such as books and even social media.


In this workshop participants will explore not only who they are but how their personal experiences, both positive and negative, can be used as a strength to help them as they work towards their ultimate goal or dream.  The workshop will start with an icebreaker followed by a short interactive exercise and wrapped up with a dynamic discussion.  The exercise will be concluded with real life stories that Subliminal has experienced, all of which are helping him reach his dreams today and for the future.  The ultimate goal is to have students leave feeling positive, confident and knowing that it is possible to turn a negative into a positive.


Students will look explore the top 10 things that makes a good mentor and why it’s so important.  An interactive role playing activity will help the participants understand the key components of mentoring in greater detail as questions are passed around requiring some to think as the mentor and others as the mentee.


Students will explore various issues surrounding mental health based on Sean’s personal experiences throughout his life.  The core of the presentation is based on his Leadership talk, but dives deeper into each experience by exploring in detail the various mental health challenges that presented themselves ie. stress, anxiety, isolation, anger, frustration.


Students will explore the themes of leadership, and/or bullying through the arts: poetry, drawing and/or photography.  Students will create one art piece that can be displayed or presented in class for further discussion, reflection and interpretation. The school is provided with copies of all the work completed on DVD including any professional photographs taken showing the creative process.  NOTE: themes can also be customized to reflect specific issues that the student or group may be dealing with i.e. Accountability, responsibility, identity, opportunity, etc.


Media literacy within the classroom encourages learners to use critical thinking and critical viewing skills to make reflective and reasoned judgments about media and its multiple messages in film, television, music, Internet, radio and news.  Students will learn how to decipher what they are bombarded with on a daily basis by better understanding how product branding and media bias is used to manipulate the public.  This workshop will also dissect how colours, fonts, verbal inflections and frequencies are used to ultimately drive consumerism.


One of the Subliminal’s most popular and powerful talks, this presentation goes beyond slavery and takes a look at what black people were doing before the word black even existed.  Stories of black saints such as saint Maurice to stories of the worlds richest man King Mansa Musa of Mali are highlighted to show the impact that this advanced civilization had on the world and the importance of their forgotten stories today.  “Black history didn’t start with slavery, it was interrupted by it.”  The presentation is wrapped up with one of Subliminal’s most powerful performances which fuses beat-box and spoken word.


Students will learn the importance of how to properly and safely navigate the internet while gaining a better understanding as to how they are targeted by various ad companies while surfing the world wide web.  The same way we teach our children to look both ways when crossing the street, students should also learn how to become safe citizens of the digital world.  This talk is 1 hour long.


Students will abstract their poem into a collage and then identify the reoccurring themes, which will be used to help the students take one photograph that embodies that particular theme. You will see the transition from words, to images to image.  All final works will be presented to their class and be used as a springboard for discussion, interpretation and personal reflection.  NOTE: themes can be customized to suit.


Students will explore various themes (i.e., school comfortability, discrimination, congruency, student/teacher relationship) through a series of exercises.  The goal is to allow parents and teachers a window into better understanding how there son, daughter or student is navigating the school environment and create a pathway for dialogue to address these key issues based on the completion of the various artistic exercises.


Students will complete a short interactive activity which will provide a window into how male students view manhood and the importance of each characteristic they list.  Students and facilitor will then deconstruct the definition of what it means to be a man by challenging general misconceptions with a more balanced / realistic view of what it means to be a man.  Themes such as: strength, responsibility, leadership, honesty and success will be challenged, re-examined and explored in great detail.  The goal is to have an honest discussion about principals and priorities while opening up male students into alternative ways of viewing what it means to be a successful man.  NOTE:  this workshop is also available for female students and is conducted by a female youth worker.


In this workshop students will gain a better understanding as to how reading improves cognitive skills, empathy, diction, imagination, ability to focus, etc.  The negative effects of modern day shorthand will also be explored, giving students and their parents (if present) a window into how this can impact you in ways you might not be aware of, ie. communication skills)o.


In this workshop students learn how to make rhythms using only their mouths. The sounds are layered using special recording equipment, and then played back for those who would like to dance, sing or rap in front of their classmates.  Students get an introduction to beat making and musical production with an emphasis on the importance of rhythm and timing.


This workshop focuses on the art of writing poems that can be used to explore any particular theme that the school may want to emphasize or highlight within a particular individual(s).  All poems created will be presented to a small or large group of students in an effort to prompt discussion, interpretation and personal reflection.


Students will create a beat from the ground up, write, record and create a cd cover and label that reflects the subject matter inherent to that particular song.  PLEASE NOTE:  this workshop is a 5-day workshop requiring at least 1.5 hours per day.  The songs content can be catered to reflect any particular theme that the school may want to emphasize or highlight within a particular individual(s).


Students are given words (i.e., success, knowledge, strength) and are asked to create a 1-2 minute interpretive sound piece that reflects the world they are given.  Various sounds are captured and pieced together, then played back for other students to hear and interpret. Students will gain a better sense of the world around them by experiencing and rediscovering it in a new way via sound.


Students will work in groups of 5 and create a short monologue relating to a topic selected by the school ie. trust, body image, love, caring, disrespect, standing up for yourself, etc.  Each monologue will be a max of 8-10 lines.  Students will then be recorded saying their lines and then assist with the layering of sounds and sound effects to help add another layer and depth to the monologue.


Students will test their sense of timing, while trying to overlay one rhythm overtop another.  Emphasis on ones sense of rhythm and timing will be explored and strengthened as a result of this workshop


This workshop explores the art of public speaking and performance.  Students are given helpful hints that can help them with public speaking and stage performance such as: presenting material clearly, how to keep the listeners engaged and what to do should the unexpected occur.


In this workshop SUBLIMINAL will go through the various ways in which one can design anything from clothes to a house.  SUBLIMINAL will help them with their designs and work with them on how to problem solve.

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